Community Outreach / Giving Intern


Community Outreach & Giving Intern

Austin, TX

If giving gifts and making friends is your thing, this position is all about you! Mitscoots is out to find a dedicated Community Giving Intern to help us pass along all our great gear to the amazing organizations we work with all over the country. You’ll be based in Austin, Texas, which alone is enough reason for celebration. Better yet, you’ll be right in the middle of Mitscoots efforts to make a positive impact on those less fortunate all over the country. Candidates must have a willingness to step into the community for an up-close experience in helping those in need. You will work closely with other interns and staff making every effort to get the gear that’s needed to those that need it.


  • Manage inventory and transfers between our location and national Giving Partners.
  • Manage inventory for local and national Giving Trips.
  • Facilitate ongoing communication between our office and national Giving Partners.
  • Inventory management using our internal systems and in-kind donation forms.
  • Complete Giving Partner and Giving Trip donation detail sheets.
  • Review and analyze submitted Giving Partner applications.
  • Evaluate Giving Partners based on key criteria.
  • Notify Giving Partners regarding application status.
  • Attend weekly strategy meetings to develop Giving Campaign strategy.
  • Manage supplies associated with all forms of Mitscoots Giving.
  • Research and present potential Giving Campaign Partnerships to Executive Team.
  • Aid in Mitscoots event planning.
  • Attend Mitscoots Events (requires the occasional weekend and evening)
  • Aid in organizing and scheduling Mitscoots Giving Trips
  • Manage volunteer list for Mitscoots Giving Events
  • Manage volunteer communication
  • Become an integral player in developing Standard Operating Procedures for all Giving efforts within Mitscoots


  • A willingness to embrace challenging problems with a smile.
  • A compassionate character that understands many personalities and can engage with individuals from all walks of life.
  • A highly organized skillset with an ability to enforce deadlines.
  • A passion for charities, giving back and making a difference.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • A passion for Social Enterprise and 501(c)(3) organizations.
  • Currently enrolled in second year of University education or higher.
  • A history of volunteering and/or giving resources.

Working Conditions:

  • 15 to 20 hours/week un-paid. Intern benefits below.
  • Full Semester Commitment (Fall, Spring, Summer) with option for internship renewal or promotion to Team Mitscoots if position is available and upon management approval.
  • Flexible schedule. Tuesday/Thursday 8am-5pm recommended.
  • Shared office space and remote work conditions
  • Dog friendly work space (we love our little furry office assistants)
  • Headquarters are in crazy awesome Austin, Texas

About Mitscoots:

Mitscoots is a company with a mission: Get + Give + Employ. We are a lifestyle brand dedicated to making a high quality stylish product while accomplishing amazing things for those in need. By making 100% great American gear, we’re able to provide much needed items to those on the street and employ those transitioning out of homelessness. For us it’s not just a hand out, but also a hand up for those that need it most. Helping the homeless and less fortunate is the foundation of our company and the litmus test we use to judge every move we make. It gives us perspective and passion to focus on what matters most. We see a problem out there and every day we’re doing something about it.

That said, we have an amazing time doing it. Our days are filled with laughter, tacos, some crazy stories and a general sense of pride. While at Mitscoots, you can also look forward to company outings, guest speakers, volunteering opportunities, and some solid good times.

Some benefits and perks of interning at Mitscoots:

  • Free Socks & Gear (Discounts for friends and family!)
  • Quarterly team outings.
  • Exclusive Mitscoots insider info. (Some crazy cool stuff on the way)
  • Catered meals (Breakfast tacos and Brisket are a must)
  • Coffee dates
  • Silly sock humor. Think Laffy Taffy jokes.
  • Founder speaking engagements.
  • Panels with Mitscoots team members.
  • Potential Travel on National Mitscoots Giving Trips.
  • Recommendation to future job applications from Executive Staff based on performance.


If you're game for it, send us an email with your resume / work samples / portfolio. Also make sure to specify which internship you are applying for.