The Judd - Men's Orange Low Cut Socks

Men's Orange Low Cut Socks -

Named for our friend and supporter, Judd. He is a stand up guy if we have ever known one and his passion for leadership is unparalleled. If you were ever in need, this would be the guy to call. Not to mention he is a die-hard for orange. This style is for Judd. 

A great sock for daily wear or mid-mileage runs. It's a simple but classic sock that works. We design our socks to last on the feet of those living on the street, so they can keep going as long as you can. The Judd mens orange low cut socks .

Features :

+ temper-padded sole
+ combed cotton
+ hi-visibility green fiber
+ elastic arch support
+ low-profile seam
+ deep heel pocket
+ signature logo