Bold Mix - Women's Low Cut Socks 3-Pack

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Socks Included:

The Lex: Named for our first campus rep, Lex. She is as passionate about helping those in need as we have ever seen and we are honored to have her on Team Mitscoots. Lex did amazing things to help those in need and got her campus of TCU excited about how they could get involved. We owe her a huge debt of gratitude and have loved every moment with her on the team. This style is for Lex.

The Kim: Named for our friend and huge supporter Kim. She has been following Mitscoots from the beginning and on occasion she has even received a few pairs. Despite the struggles of her day to day, she has always been a ray of sunshine to brighten everyone up. She is endlessly positive and giving and we hope everyone gets to meet her. This style is for Kim. 

The Gabriella: Named for our intern, Gabriela. Describing her as passionate would be an understatement. In fact, we would have to invent a word like excitapassitastic for Gabriela. We're still working on defining it. In any case, Gabriela was a ray of sunshine for our team every day and we were luck to have her. Always leaning to the bright side and full of amazing ideas, we know she will be epic in life. This style is for Gabriela.

A great sock for daily wear or mid-mileage runs. It's a simple but classic sock that works. We design our socks to last on the feet of those living on the street, so they can keep going as long as you can. Bold Mix womens low cut socks 3 pack.

Features :

+ temper-padded sole
+ combed cotton
+ hi-visibility green fiber
+ elastic arch support
+ low-profile seam
+ deep heel pocket
+ signature logo