The Natalia - Women's Boot Socks

Women's Boot Socks -

Named for a amazing girl on Team Mitscoots, Natalia. We cant tell you enough how lucky we were to have Nat join our team and we honestly don't know how we would get by without her. With a truly giving heart for those in need and a loving demeanor that makes for an instant best friend, she has made our days here just that much better. With the hope to make something and comforting and stylish as her,  this style is for Natalia. 

The best thing that ever happened to boots. The Mitscoots boot sock design is another from of our "Pattern of Giving". Crafted with suede accent straps and a temper-padded sole, these sock are a perfect mix of comfort and class. With our signature arch support, seamless toe construction, color and style, this sock is where it's at for showing that you know what it means to do more with your socks. The Natalia womens boot socks.

Features :

+ suede accent straps
+ temper-padded sole
+ combed cotton
+ hi-visibility green fiber
+ elastic arch support
+ low-profile seam
+ deep heel pocket
+ signature logo