Black And White Plaid Fleece Traveler Blanket

Employs the Transitioning Homeless: We've been at this for years working hard to get individuals off the streets and into stable employment. We've made a huge impact with our gear and now it's time to take the next big leap. With this blanket we are employing the transitioning homeless to package up each and every blanket and get them sent out the door to you. - Black and White Flannel Traveler Blanket

Giving to the Homeless: For each blanket purchased, we give an equal quality blanket to a shelter helping individuals in need. Get + Give + Employ

The Traveler Blanket...

    • Employing The Transitioning Homeless
    • Outfitting Individuals In Need
    • Water Resistant (Taslan)
    • Thermal Micro Fleece
    • Reinforced Webbed Cotton Straps
    • Classic Mitscoots Woven label
    • 50" x 58"