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Socksgiving 2016

November 17, 2016

Socksgiving 2016 pt.1 Socksgiving was a big hit! The community came together to help make 1,080 care canisters to be distributed to those in need for Thanksgiving. We had around 150 volunteers including our friends, neighbors, and families. Thank you to everyone who joined us. Socksgiving brought our community together, encouraged people to start giving, and reminded everyone to give thanks.

We had a five step process to make these amazing care canisters. It started upstairs in our breakroom and made its way outside to the courtyard so everyone could enjoy our space and get to know some of our Giving Partners who were at each station.

Step 1. Tennis Ball Canisters

Everybody went upstairs to get as many canisters they could hold and learn about Texas Homeless Network.  They could also stop for some sweet snacks or beer thanks to our friends at Love, Puppies, Brownies, Tiff’s Treats, and Friends and Allies Brewing. Mealshare was also there to let people know about their United States launch of this awesome non-profit that is happening right here in Austin next month.

 Socksgiving 2016 pt.2.5

Step 2. Fill Canisters with Goodies

Next everybody ran downstairs to the production area to fill the canisters with goodies like hotel toiletry items and snacks donated by many including: Hotel Garden Inn, Epic Bars, and the many volunteers that brought items. Everybody had a blast picking and choosing what would go in their care canisters. They also got to learn about Mission Accomplished and the work they are doing to help wash clothes for our homeless brothers and sisters.

Socksgiving 2016 pt. 3.5

Step 3. Add Giving Socks

Everybody then headed outside for the next step of filling their canister with giving socks. We had many boxes on deck for all the canisters. Thank you to Steve, who was so helpful by pre-rolling socks for people to have ready for the canisters. Outside our attendees could also learn about Caritas and the amazing work they do for the homeless population, but also for refugees here in the Austin area.

Socksgiving 2016 Giving Socks

Socksgiving 2016 pt. 6.5

Step 4. Write a Thanksgiving Note

Everybody also included a nice handwritten note of Happy Thanksgiving or a personal note of encouragement as a surprise in the canisters. Some of the kids even drew beautiful pictures to add to their message. Little Helping Hands brought a group of volunteers that worked 3 different shifts throughout the afternoon.

Socksgiving 2016 pt.5Socksgiving 2016 pt.6

Step 5. Decorate the Care Canisters

Lastly, everybody decorated the care canisters with fun fall stickers. Lots of people, and especially kids, had a lot of fun with this step! When they were done they packed them up in boxes and by the end of the event our boxes were overflowing.Socksgiving 2016 pt.10

Socksgiving 2016 pt.8

It was amazing to see how everybody got together to make as many care canisters as they could for those in need. There were even competitions going on with some families about who could make the most canisters.

Socksgiving 2016 pt.8Socksgiving 2016 pt.9

We had our first sock art competition. The designs were amazing, but in the end, we had to choose 3 winners based on age groups. The winners received free reign in our Mitscoots store and could pick whatever socks they wanted.

Socksgiving 2016 Sock Art pt. 13


We cannot thank our volunteers, our giving partners, and our food, drink, and toiletry items sponsors enough.

Our Giving Partners:

Texas Homeless Network


Mission Accomplished


Little Helping Hands

Our sponsors:

Love, Puppies, Brownies

Tiff’s Treats

Friends and Allies Brewing

Hotel Garden Inn

Epic Bars

We can do great things together.  Thanks for joining us!  

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