9 Simple ways to give back.

August 29, 2013

Giving doesn’t always have to be a huge undertaking.  Here's a quick list of 9 simple ways you can give back. Now go forth and be an awesome person. 


1. Don’t ignore the panhandler on the corner.

While we all have the tendency to avoid eye contact at red lights, it’s time to change that. If a smile is all you have to contribute for the day, then do it. What seems like a simple use of your face parts can mean the world to someone who gets avoided all day. If you want to take the next step, keep a cooler in your car with items like water and granola bars. They will go a lot further than a dollar.


2. Pick up a piece of trash.

Its dirty, we get it. But, Purrell can work some miracles and it needs to be done. There is always trash on the street. Imagine if everyone picked up one piece every day. Mr. Clean could retire. 


3. Donate clothing.

As you enter your closet tornado in the morning and think to yourself, “Why in Gods name do I have so much stuff?” The fact of the matter is, more than a few people don’t even have a closet. Go through your clothes and choose one piece of clothing a week that you can live without and give it a greater purpose with someone who really needs it.


4. Talk to a stranger.

Seems simple right? It’s an interesting thing to see how so many of us can be desperate for attention online, but can't muster the courage to say, “hello” on the street. Most of the time we are all looking for a friend, or at least someone who cares about our day. This world can be a lonely vessel and when we give our time to others, we can really change a day. If they don’t want to talk, they will let you know (the crazy eye). Chances are, they do. 


5. Buy somebody’s coffee.

This is always a fun way to give back so double win. Next time you are in line at Starbucks, or Mozarts (our personal favorite), splurge and buy coffee for that stranger behind you. It could change the course of their day. Then celebrate with a high-five. 


6. Ease up in traffic.

Traffic, we all love traffic. Our hometown in particular, Austin, has a serious traffic issue. (I'm looking at you I-35) Nothing can ruin a day like countless drivers not letting you in. On the flip-side, few things can ease the stress of a hectic day like a stranger who smiles and waves you in. Long story short, don't be spaz and ease up in traffic. 


7. Put away the carts.

Yup, you'll have to walk the squeaky wheel cart all the way over there. Anything to prevent the dreaded parking lot kamikaze.   Granted, it's just a dent, but it really is so easy. Next time you're at the store, help put away a few. The parking gods will shine upon you.


8. Share the lot.

So much stress can be associated with circling a parking lot dozens (hundreds) of times to find a perfect spot. Did it really matter? Here's a challenge. Next time you see a coveted spot and have someone waiting behind you, pass it up and waive them in. It's not just a gesture in giving, but personal growth. We believe in you. 


9. Bring smiles.

Now this one is a little more involved, but the pay off is huge. If you have an extra 20 minutes, swing by the store and pick up a handful of balloons. Then, journey to the nearest hospital and watch the smiles. Side note: Try to make the balloons latex free, there is a high risk for allergies in hospitals.

Now go forth and be an awesome person. 


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