Another great day making Socks.

May 30, 2013

Making Argyle Mitscoots Socks

So this is how a typical day of making socks goes for us right now. 

  • Everyone meets early in the morning all jazzed up to make some socks. Not even kidding. We get oddly excited to do this and it probably has a bit to do with what comes next. 
  • Eat breakfast tacos! 
  • Once everyone has bonded over tacos, we set up a bunch of bags of unpackaged socks all over the conference room. It looks like a hot mess, but believe it or not we do have a pretty good system. 
  • After a few minites of training we are off and running. 
  • Check out a quick video of the process : HERE
  • After everything is all packaged up we exchange high-fives.

We love our work days. The stories we hear, the friendships we make carry us through the week and keep up excited for every chance to do it again. 

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Mitscoots Socks Argyle

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