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6 Tips for Memorial Day Travels

May 21, 2015

Any long weekend is an awesome excuse to travel, especially during the summer. Whether that means visiting family and friends or flying to a new destination, the wanderlust is real. We have a few tips and tricks for making travel as simple and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on the adventures ahead and less on packing. One of the easiest places to start is to plan out what you will actually need on the plane.
 We have devised an easy checklist that may help when throwing together a carry-on bag.
  • The item itself, whether it be a bag or backpack should be about medium sized. Preferably with extra pockets to keep items in place.
  • Investing in some quality headphones to cancel out some of the engine noise or maybe a snoring passenger nearby may be something to consider.
  • An eye-mask of some sort never hurts if you are planning to nap or are expecting a longer flight.
  • Entertainment is also a necessity when travelling. We recommend bringing a charged tablet or a few books to help pass the time.
  • A small cosmetics bag filled with some basic essentials such as: lip balm, deodorant, a small lotion, and maybe even a pack of gum
  • Lastly, planes can get cold. Bringing a light sweater and a pair of your favorite Mitscoots socks is a must. Trust us, your toes will thank you.

 So go on with all of your lovely travels and enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

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