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May 07, 2015 1 Comment


It's a fact that Moms are the best and we love ours more than we can explain. They have been the tough love when we need it and the loving soft voice to bring us endless comfort. For our Moms and all Moms we wanted to put together just a few stories/thanks for them. You might call it a collection of some of our best Mom memories. Share yours with us. Whats the greatest memory you have with your mom? 

------- "One of my favorite memories with my Mom is the first time I tried coffee. I had never had it but had been begging her for weeks to let me try some of hers in the morning. I was already a bit of a hyper kid so I'm sure the idea terrified her. Well after long enough she must have worn down because I woke up to my own tiny warm cup one morning. I drank the whole thing in about a minute and couldn't believe how much i loved it. She said I could only have her version and only on special occasions and we agreed to make it our special thing. Well it wasn't until college that i got to try real coffee and learned I had been drinking hot cocoa all along. I like my moms "coffee" better and it comes with hugs." 

------- “Thank you Mom for all the sacrifices that you have made for our family. You never once thought of yourself and always put Jennifer and I ahead of you. At times, we could never understand the reasoning behind your strictness and rules, but now we realize the madness behind your wisdom. Your love is shown as tough love, but your actions show otherwise. You are strong, faithful and wise, and there is no other person I would want as a role model on becoming a mother than you. Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you!”

------- "Fact 1. I would not be who I am today without my mother’s support, and love.

When I was struggling with math in middle school my mom would spend about an hour sitting next to me each night, being my sounding board and safety blanket, as I tried to understand it. We both have Dyslexia; she has always helped me translate my thoughts so I could shape what I’m trying to express in a coherent way. This is something my mother has happily done without complaint all of my life, and in college it was really hard to figure out how to untangle my thoughts on my own. Thank god for patient roommates! No matter how tired she was after working all day, making dinner, and keeping track of our numerous extracurriculars, she never made us feel like we couldn’t come to her for help. This kind of selflessness, and love, is what I always strive for in life.

Fact 2. My mother is the strongest person I have ever met.

She became a mechanical engineer in the 80’s when there were very few women in that field. She mentored other women who were getting into the field, and encouraged girls to become involved in STEM programs. She was great at what she did, and has always been very passionate about her work. Since she became sick almost five years ago she has had to slowly decrease her daily activities. This includes taking daily naps and being unable to go out for long periods of time without a wheelchair. The hardest thing for my independent mother was that she could no longer do the work she loves, and to learn to rely on other people to do things for her. She has handled this new phase in her life amazingly well, choosing to spend her time researching treatments, becoming active in her online support community, and crocheting for charity. It’s hard to convey her strength and grace in these moments, but it’s something that I am unbelievably proud of her for.

Fact 3. My mother gives amazing hugs, cares about my friends as much as I do, has tear ducts of steel, is a huge sports fan, and tries every word and number puzzle she can find.

She has always been a bright light in my life, the person I look up to the most, and the person I turn to for any question. In the end, we will always be best friends and I can’t imagine my life without her." 

------- "My mother is amazing to me every evening at 6:05 pm. We talk on the phone daily on our way home from work, on our handless devices of course. Whether I’m dealing with issues at work, advice with starting a family, or need someone to tell a funny story to, she always has a loving ear to listen. I feel so supported and loved by feeling like a priority in her life, and getting to hear about hers. Nothing like a mother daughter connection."

------- “The amount of sacrifice my Mom has made for our family is beyond belief. More than love through word, she put love to action and showed it every day. I could talk for hours about have she always put us first, but it’s probably a smaller gesture that’s stuck with me. I will never forget the endless hours she spent by my side forcing me into my math homework. It was excruciating at times and I think for a lot of it we were both pretending to know how to do it, but I passed in the end. Granted I’m still terrible at math, but I’ve never felt more loved because I really am that bad.” Math + Patience + Extra Patience = Love

------- “One of the most vivid memories I have from my childhood is my mom taking care of me whenever I got sick. Even if it were only a bad headache, she would always let me stay on the couch, covered in mounds of blankets and pillows. She would then proceed to cook me whatever meal I requested, no matter how ridiculous, whether it was homemade soup or an ice-cream sundae. Regardless of what else she had going on, my mother would stay home with me and we would watch Disney movies while lying around the house together. To this day, those are some of my favorite moments and something I find myself going back to every time I get sick, even as an adult. My mother: a selfless woman through and through, who taught me just how valuable a big heart and caring for others can be. “

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Carlyn Greene
Carlyn Greene

May 08, 2015

My Mom could coo-oo-oo-oo-ook!!! Dad wasn’t around a whole lot so money was always scarce. About twice a month, Mom would empty the fridge and make “vegetable soup” with whatever leftovers were available. It never was the same recipe but it always tasted awesome. Love you and miss you like crazy, Ev!

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