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Giving Friend Feature: Better Life Bags

April 20, 2016


Better Life Bags Logo

Based out of Detroit, Michigan, founder Rebecca Smith, decided to turn a hobby into a company that's doing incredible things for those in low income areas of the city.

After Smith posted a photo of a bag she made, she was instantly encouraged to start an Etsy shop in 2009. From then on, she knew she wanted her bags to have purpose and to help those in need.

Shortly after starting Better Life Bags, she and her family moved to a low income area in Detroit, Michigan and her eyes were opened to what poverty, unemployment, and blight can do to a city and the people living there. Smith has since employed women from her neighborhood to create beautifully hand-crafted bags!

Better Life Bags with Mitscoots

Here are three things I noted while toting one of these great bags around:


It’s incredible to be a part of a society that’s shifting towards weaving business with social injustice! People are seeing needs that haven’t been met and addressing them with change. Better Life Bags saw a need right under their nose and sought to make it better. Choosing to wear a product because it looks nice is one thing, however, choosing to wear it because it looks nice AND provides a better life for someone changes everything. I wore this purse with pride!

 2.  LIFE

Someone in the office asked what my style was and I said, “Well, I don’t know, I know that I have more denim, stripes and neutrals than I care to admit!” Sure enough, days later we received a cross-body bag that I’d like to believe was destined to be worn by me! I love how they're integrating lifestyle pieces with a purpose!

 3. BAGS

Many of us put extreme thought into the bag we choose to wear. I’m definitely that obnoxious person who takes longer than it should to buy purses. Quality, versatility and style all play a role when it comes down to decision time. I thought it was really cool that Better Life Bags gives you the freedom to design your own tote! How cool is that? You have a say on all of it! These bags are made with both the future owner and creator in mind!

Better Life Bags Collection

Check out this incredible company and see for yourself how they're changing the lives within their community one bag at a time! 

Better Life Bags


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