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Weekend Event with TOMS Austin.

February 02, 2016

Hey y’all! My name is Amanda and I’m new to the Mitscoots team! It's been about a month of working as Mitscoots Outfitter’s Public Relations Coordinator and I've already seen the process of our mission come to life! Behind the scenes, I get to see Clifton, Ellis and Jerry, who are transitioning out of homelessness, work on packaging every order that comes in. This past Sunday made that even more meaningful because I was able to share that with people who were holding the very products these guys worked on!   

In case you missed TOMS Austin's backyard event, Give. Love. Party., here are some highlights that made my first experience with the consumer side of Mitscoots incredible:


TOMS Austin invited us and Tuk Watches to hang and share our mutual love of giving. As we celebrated our missions I saw just how cool a business can be when the main ingredient is giving! I found it incredibly refreshing to see how people gathered around and were genuinely interested on why we were there. I spoke to a man who shared his story of homelessness and great comeback while he was pursuing his passion for music. As his excitement grew while I was explaining to him what each item laying on that table did for someone in need I realized that talking about a pair of socks could mean infinitely more! A simple lesson I learned was the act of giving means just as much to the giver than it does to the receiver! This man knew what it was like to be on the streets and he was eager to jump at the opportunity to give.


I’m a few months’ shy of graduating UT Austin and I’m realizing just how much I want use what I learn and merge it with what I love most: giving. Last year, I watched a conference and saw a woman speaking on behalf of TOMS and thought, “Wow, wouldn’t that be cool to advocate for brand that does good?” Fast forward to this event and I couldn’t help but pinch myself because there I was speaking on behalf of a company like Mitscoots! Not only that, but to hear the feedback and excitement from everyone we I talked to was unreal. A group of girls walked up to our pop-up shop and as we asked if they’ve heard about us one girl’s eyes widened and said, “Yes, of course, I follow you all on Instagram!” Her excitement, and the excitement of so many others I spoke with was infectious throughout the entire event.  At the end of the day this event meant more than marketing who we are, it meant creating new relationships based on the act of giving—and I loved that! 


Who doesn’t love a good party? As I walked up the steps to TOMS I was welcomed by the cool tunes of bluegrass band, The Barton Strings Band. The place was buzzing with people and their furry pets. It was unusually hot for this time of year and I unfortunately chose to wear a flannel shirt! I’m crazy right? Despite that minor hiccup, we spent our day sipping on TOMS iced coffee and water while meeting the coolest people strolling along South Congress Avenue. What a day! I even managed to show off some of my stellar signature dance moves, which Tim jokingly called "the Penguin."  

All in all, I left with a sense of pride for who I’m representing and what that means! Knowing that Clifton, Ellis and Jerry work so hard behind the scenes and the positive reaction we got from everyone who came out to the event has been transformational to me. I’m looking forward to meeting more fantastic people and getting the opportunity to share Mitscoots' mission in the process!

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